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  1. April 08, 2021

    Achieve the perfect natural false lash!

    False lashes can seriously elevate the appearance of your eyes but a lot of times, they can end up looking very obvious. While that in itself can be a sexy look to rock, it is not everyone’s personal style. If you want to add an extra bit of enhancement to your eyes while still looking natural, we’re going to highlight a style that is handpicked just for you AND share some tips to help you achieve natural-looking false lashes! 

    Tip # 1: Pick the right style! 

    So obviously one of the key ways to ensure your falsies look natural is to choose a style that looks natural - the sublime Natural Wispy style! Lashes that are Natural Wispy are designed with feathered and fluffy fibres that are lighter than most of the heavier dramatic styles. Along with their lightweight styling, they come with both black bands and clear bands so you can choose a clear band for

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  2. April 07, 2021

    How to get false lashes off 

    While applying false strip lashes can be a tricky affair with a lot of questions about how to apply falsies, removing these lashes is something that can easily be rushed through by pulling them off after a long day. However, taking a little care when removing your falsies can help you keep your natural lashes healthy and your falsies intact as well so they can be used again and again. It is important to remember that you should remove your false lashes first. So if you’re wearing makeup and are going to remove that as well, be sure to take your false lashes off first and then proceed to remove your makeup and cleanse your face. Now let’s dive into how you can safely remove your false lashes:
    1. Dissolving the lash glue: Start by loosening the glue that is holding your false lash in place. Using a botanical oil is great since it nou
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