5 Easy to Recreate Spring Summer 2019 Nail Trends

5 Easy to Recreate Spring Summer 2019 Nail Trends

Whilst there is nothing wrong with a pale pink or a pastel yellow, there is only so many shades you can put on your fingers until it all gets a bit repetitive. So this Spring/Summer 19, it's time to take direct style inspo from the recent SS19 runway shows for your next nail look. We browsed through masses of backstage images and painstakingly picked 5 looks for you to fawn over, from all out dark bling glamour, to graphic nail art that makes a statement, and finally a unique take on contouring (for nails!).

So continue reading of the best nail looks this Spring/Summer '19 - and with the sun finally beginning to peek round the clouds, its the perfect excuse to transition into your Spring wardrobe.

1. Bling Bling Bling


The ADEAM Spring 2019 show wowed with the display of fingernail bling on the models. Far from subdued, some had rhinestones artfully placed to create a truly opulent look, whilst others took it one step further by adding dangling nail piercings that spun and shone on the catwalk.

At New York Fashion Week, the Blonds' unveiled their Disney Villain inspired catwalk show. The nails were truly extravagant and took centre stage, the product of over 500 hours of work over two months to put together. They offer an instant drama to any look which you can see in the photos from the day, showing a real progression from the subdued and moody looks of Autumn/Winter 2018.

Achieve your own daring look by combining our Stiletto nails with our Galaxy Glitter UV/LED Gels, and by pressing metal studs into the varnish whilst it dries. However, don't stop there - this look is all about more more more, so experiment with any items around the house. Lead CND artist Heather Reynosa did just this using everything from caviar pearls to human hair to create a look fit for a queen.

2. Build Me Up ButterCup

A bit more on the nose, bright and summery yellows were on display all over the Alice + Olivia runway, matched with yellow accessories. On the other hands, Tibi models went very stripped back, with a simple manicure dotted with a single blog of sunshine yellow.

The yellow even appeared alongside the previously discussed blinged out nails on the Chromat runway, and the bright statement colour stood out just as much amongst the black and white clothing.

Want to make a statement, but want to keep it simple? This simple lemon yellow finish is for you. Try our Buttercup shade to achieve the look, and pair with our glossy topcoat to give it that shine. Pair with a neutral outfit and make your nails the accessory.

3. Glitz and Glitter

Perfect for the coming festival season, go extra and wild by busting out the glitter early. KimShui went all out with this stunning unicorn fantasy stiletto nail look. If you are going for glitter, why not go that step further?

However, if you need to keep it a bit more simple, take inspiration from the Area catwalks. The models displayed a reimagined French manicure, pairing a pastel base with glistening rhinestone tips - that perfect little flirty injection of fun.

For a full on look, pair your makeup with your glitter nails. We offer a range of stunning glitter effect nails, so you can experiment and find that right shade for you.

4. Nail Art Gets Graphic

Nail art this season is bold and demands attention. Which in turn, makes for an easy to replicate look. Take the zig zag manicure created for Moschino - a simple diagonal swish was dashed across natural nails, making a look accessible for all skill levels.

A more punk take at Nicole Miller displayed slogans written across nails, flame motifs, and checkerboard designs for an effortlessly cool look.

Looking across social media, many people are even using nail art to combine textures. Shiny stickers are placed on matte varnish, creating an interesting look that catches the eye.

Learn how to make your own transfers here then pair with one of our bold colours - lastly setting with our top coat.

5. Frame It

We have witnesed contour in its many forms - now it makes its appearance in nail art! The Libertine runway was studded with this incredibly eye catching look. Super simple to achieve, you can go as wild or as subdued as you like - think contrasting colours, or soft neutrals. This look truly offers many options, which you can suit for all occasions throughout Summer.

We offer a huge range of colours and endless combinations, so check out our full UV-LED range to achieve the Liberty look, or utilise our UV kits - each includes all you need to do your own gel nails, with 3 carefully selected complimentary colours.

And there we have it. Seasons are becoming less and less divided - styles are blending across the months, making the world of nails even more fun and experimental. There were so many other trends we viewed, but we narrowed this down to a range of easily accessible looks. 

We would love to see your creations, or hear what your favourite S/S19 trend is - you might even see it pop up on our Instagram or here on our blog!

Thanks for reading! x