Get the Ombre Coffin nail look

Get the  Ombre Coffin nail look


With the weather looking brighter, it's time to brighten up our wardrobes - and nails to match. This beautiful ombre looks makes us think of lazy nights at the beach, sipping a cocktail! 




What Will I Need to Achieve this Look?

White UV LED Gel

Sky Blue UV LED Gel

Palma Violet UV LED Gel

36w UV Gel Nail Lamp

Makeup Sponge

Coffin Clear Nails Medium Length

Glossy Top Coat

Step 1 - Get your Coffin Nails

Sort out your coffin nails in the correct sizing.

Step 2 - Apply a White base coat

Apply two base coats of a white varnish. This will allow your colours to really stand out.

Step 3 - Coat Sponge with Polish

Take your make up sponge and coat with the sky blue varnish first, then the palma violet. Do this with a strip of colour at a time and overlap them to create the ombre effect. For a better example, here is a video.

Step 4 - Apply a Glossy top coat

Coat your nails with our glossy top coat to seal your look and give it a wonderful shine!

Step 5 - Seal your Gels

Get your lamp ready, pop in your nails and set them.

Step 6 - Apply your Coffin nails

Apply as you would false nails, and enjoy your handiwork!

Additionally, you can do this without false nails - just make sure to have some clear tape around your nails to prevent any accidents.

To turn this into a more festival look, use a white nail art pen and doodle on some boho inspired designs.

If you give this tutorial a go, please share with us so we can post here and over at our Instagram page.

Thanks for reading! x

Image Credit: @The_Nail_Lounge_Miramar