Gel Polish Removal Wraps (50pcs)

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Gel Polish Removal Wraps (50pcs)

Foil wraps are the preferred and healthy way to soak off gel nails. Ready made with a lint absorbent pad, these quality nail foils are easy to use, simply soak the pad with removal solution and secure the wrap around the finger.

How to use:

Step 1: Break the seal of the gel with sanding file. The top layer must be completely removed.

Prep, Push cuticles back before filing the top layer to remove with ease.

Step 2: Tear open the foil pack, soak the lint in a little more acetone then secure the lint and the foil casing around fingers immediately to ensure the product does not evaporate and the heat is insulated in the wrap.

Fingertips should be fully covered in the wrap.

Step 3: Soak the nail for 10 minutes then check the status.

If needed, soak for additional 5 minutes. Some colours may need additional removal time. 

Step 4: Remove the wrap from the fingers and gently push the gel off using a cuticle sick, any remaining residue can be gently buffed off

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