Achieve the perfect natural false lash!

False lashes can seriously elevate the appearance of your eyes but a lot of times, they can end up looking very obvious. While that in itself can be a sexy look to rock, it is not everyone’s personal style. If you want to add an extra bit of enhancement to your eyes while still looking natural, we’re going to highlight a style that is handpicked just for you AND share some tips to help you achieve natural-looking false lashes! 

Tip # 1: Pick the right style! 

So obviously one of the key ways to ensure your falsies look natural is to choose a style that looks natural - the sublime Natural Wispy style! Lashes that are Natural Wispy are designed with feathered and fluffy fibres that are lighter than most of the heavier dramatic styles. Along with their lightweight styling, they come with both black bands and clear bands so you can choose a clear band for a uber minimalistic look or add just a hint of drama with the black bands.

Natural Wispy styles enhance your eyes with a subtle come-hither look without adding overwhelming drama. They give the illusion of longer and more voluminous lashes while still looking wonderfully natural. This is the perfect style for anyone who prefers an understated look that is uber-stylish without being over the top. 

Tip # 2: Unleash the mascara!

Another less obvious trick for perfectly natural-looking false lashes is to use mascara. While this may seem counterintuitive to achieving a natural look, mascara actually helps blend your falsies into your natural lashes for a more seamless fit. This makes them less noticeable and more natural. Opt for a light coat of mascara to keep your lashes looking natural. 

Tip # 3: Glue them on well! 

Using your lash glue well can help your falsies look more natural. Be sure to apply extra lash glue to both ends of your false lash to ensure that the ends don’t lift up and the lashes stay on throughout the day. You can additionally use black adhesive to blend the false lash into your natural lash line if you have dark lashes. Remember to wait at least 30 seconds after you put your lash glue on the band to ensure that the glue is tacky which helps apply your lashes better for a long-lasting hold. 

Tip # 4: Less is more!

Keeping your makeup light and minimalistic can also help your falsies look natural and less over-the-top. This can make your eyes and lashes look intensely alluring without looking fake since the rest of your face is relatively free of obvious makeup.

Tip # 5: Trim those falsies!

Another handy trick to achieve natural-looking lashes is trimming your false lash strip. You can either trim the lash to fit your eye perfectly so the ends don’t stick out and hence look more natural or you can also trim the strip lash in half and apply it from the midpoint of your eye. This can also give you a more subtle enhancement to your lashes that looks decidedly more natural.

In addition to trimming your lashes, you can also look for shorter lashes that can give you an allure that is decidedly more natural than longer lashes. You can find shorter lashes in both our Signature and Luxe Faux Mink Collections:

And there you have it! The style you need to look out for and all those little tricks you can use to absolutely nail natural-looking false lashes! 

Be sure to let us know your little secrets for natural-looking false lashes and which of our lashes worked best for you in the comments below.

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