Lash Styles

Explore our spectacular styles to find your fit!


Enhance your eyes with an exquisite subtlety!

Distinctive Feature

This is a light and fluffy style you can rock every day. Designed with airy feathered fibres, this style gives your lashes natural-looking length and exquisite volume without overpowering your eyes.

Choose Natural Wispy style if...

You want to enhance your eyes with a subtle come-hither look without overwhelming drama but with all of the style.



Open up your eyes with a seductive elevation!

Distinctive Feature

Your eyes will look big and beautiful with this bewitching style that is longest at the centre to create a depth effect while opening up your eyes.

Choose the Open Doll Eye style if...

You want to create the illusion of larger and brighter doe eyes with a sweet yet seductive doll eye like flutter.



Ramp up the volume with glam dramatic styling!

Distinctive Feature

Full and fluffy, this style adds a thick and dramatic look to your eyes. Styled with high impact volume, it adds an intense depth that will unleash your inner glamorous goddess.

Choose the Dramatic Volume style if...

You want a bold and larger-than-life styling that draws attention without wasting any time on subtlety.



Elongate your eyes for a mesmerising cat eye effect!

Distinctive Feature

Featuring winged outer edges for its distinctive cat eye allure, this distinctive style blends seamlessly into your lashes. It lengthens your eyes with a slight lift at the outer edges to create a purrrrr-fect cat eye.

Choose the cat eye style if...

You want to lift the outer corners of your eyes and extend them to create the illusion of a smouldering cat eye.



Elevate your eyes with an extra dash of length!

Distinctive Feature

This style will give you enviably long lashes with its long yet light design. Styled to really open up the eyes, it gives the illusion of seriously bright and ravishing eyes especially when paired with a coat of mascara.

Choose the Lengthening style if...

You want to enhance the length of your lashes to give your eyes an enchanting yet natural appearance.



Rock a high-impact volume and intensity!

Distinctive Feature

Full and fabulous with a bold, dimensional appearance, this intense style is designed with multiple layers to draw attention to your eyes.

Choose the 3Dstyle if...

You lust after intense and voluminous lashes that draw attention to your eyes without being overpowering.



A full voluminous yet natural looking lash line!

Distinctive Feature

Designed with clusters, this fabulous style offers natural looking thickness. It blends seamlessly into your lash line while adding high impact yet natural volume and depth to your lashes.

Choose the cluster style if...

You want to avoid the look of obvious false lashes while still rocking a voluminous and full lash line.