How to get false lashes off

While applying false strip lashes can be a tricky affair with a lot of questions about how to apply falsies, removing these lashes is something that can easily be rushed through by pulling them off after a long day. However, taking a little care when removing your falsies can help you keep your natural lashes healthy and your falsies intact as well so they can be used again and again. It is important to remember that you should remove your false lashes first. So if you’re wearing makeup and are going to remove that as well, be sure to take your false lashes off first and then proceed to remove your makeup and cleanse your face. Now let’s dive into how you can safely remove your false lashes:
  1. Dissolving the lash glue: Start by loosening the glue that is holding your false lash in place. Using a botanical oil is great since it nourishes your natural lashes while also safely loosening your lash adhesive. You can also use a make-up remover (preferably one that is oil-based) or micellar water. Dip a cotton bud/q-tip in either the oil or make-up remover until it is soaked thoroughly. Close your eyes and run the q-tip along your lash line. This will help loosen your lash glue/adhesive.
  2. Peel off your false lash: Wait for 30 seconds for the lash glue to get sufficiently moistened and loose. Hold your false lash from the outer corners of the eye and slowly and gently peel it off, working your way inwards. It is important to peel your falsies off gently to ensure that you don’t damage your natural lashes and to ensure your false lash retains its shape for future use.  If you feel resistance while you are peeling your falsie off, apply more oil or makeup remover and wait a little longer before you attempt to peel them off again.
  3. Cleaning your false lash: If you want to reuse your lashes, you should always clean them properly before storing them. This will maintain hygiene to protect your eyes from infections and keep your falsies intact for many more uses. Start off by removing the excess glue from the lash band. You can use a tweezer to pick off the glue or you can also brush it off gently with our spoolie wand (available in our 3-piece eye makeup brush set here).
    Once your lashes are free of glue, you have to clean off any mascara or makeup from your falsies. This can be done in a number of different ways:
    • Dip our spoolie wand in micellar water or a makeup remover and gently comb the lashes out until they are clear of mascara.
    • Soak our fluffy eyeshadow brush (also available in our 3-piece eye makeup brush set) in micellar water and then slowly brush the lashes until they are completely cleaned out.
    • Use a cotton swab/q-tip soaked in micellar water and gently rub the lashes until all the mascara comes off.
  4. Storing your false lash: The final step is to just store your falsies properly so they’re ready for you to wear. Once your lashes are thoroughly cleaned, dry them off with a paper towel. Press them down gently to ensure you don’t ruin the shape of the lash. Once they are completely dried, store them either in the original box they were purchased in or in a storage case (check out our handy travel-friendly storage case with a mirror here). 
Your lashes are now clean and ready for use so just pop them on as usual next time and enjoy luscious lashes all day long. If you’re struggling with applying your false lashes, be sure to check out our step-by-step Lash Application guide here.

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